This is my private website, you'll find here a few blog posts and my contact information.

  1. CTF Writeup / Y-Not-CTF / SmS Secret Secure Server

    Done as a member of the duks team.

  2. Yao's Garbled Circuits and how to construct those

    It's not even that hard!

  3. CTF Writeup / PlaidCTF / Echo

    Done as a member of the duks team.

  4. How (not) to break your (EC)DSA

    Fun with signature algorithms.

  5. Various Linux tips

    The ones I'd like to remember or to share.

  6. Manger's attack against RSA OAEP

    Now the question is why I implemented it?

  7. A ladder, a box and a wall

    What could go wrong?

  8. A strange ODBC driver problem

    Maybe someone may stumble upon the same problem once...

  9. A strange QSql Driver error

    Or the hell with the DLL.